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All About F1 to H1B Change of Status Tax Filing

In this article, we discuss the following points: An overview of tax-filing as an F-1 holder Change from F1 to H1B tax filing Consequences of failure to pay taxes The US government taxes all citizens, residents, and non-immigrants at the local, state, and federal levels. All non-residents will be taxed on the income they earn […]

H1B to H4 Change of Status

In this article, we have discussed the following topics: Eligibility criteria for COS from H1 to H4 H1 to H4 COS process Processing time & fee H1 to H4 application rejection Before you start reading more about H1 to H4 change of status, first know about the H1B Visa Duration Information. What is the H4 […]

The H1B Change of Status Fact-sheets

In this mini-guide, you will read about: What is change of status Eligiblity requirements for change of status Process of applying for change of status In preparation for learning more about the H-1B Change of Status, we recommend spending a little time learning about the H1B visa as well. A nonimmigrant's stay in the US […]

The Beginner's Manual on Change of Status From F-1 to H-1B

You will read about the following points in this article: Elements involved in F-1 to H-1B visa status change Changing from F-1 status to H-1B: an overview Documentation required Important Elements Involved in F-1 to H-1B Change of Status The F-1 visa The F-1 is an education-based visa that allows international students to pursue their […]

The Complete Guide to Change of Status for H1B Visa

Our blog serves as the complete guide to the following topics about H1B Change of Status: What is Consular Processing? Change of Status from F1 to H1B Change of Status from H1B to F1 Change of Status from H4 to H1B Two-year foreign requirement Before you begin to read this article, we recommend you to […]

A Beginner's Guide to H1B Change of Status Premium Processing

In this article you will read about: Change of Status (COS) H1B COS processing time Premium processing and fees involved for COS premium processing As we get ready to understand the change of status, we also recommend you to spend a little time understanding more about the H-1B visa. A non-immigrant's purpose for remaining in […]

Change of Status Premium Processing: A Mini-guide

In this article, you will read about: An introduction to Change of Status from F-1 to H-1B Elements involved in changing from F-1 to H-1B status F1 to h1b change of status processing time and steps involved An Introduction to F-1 to H-1B Visa Change International students in the US study and live in the […]

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