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Understanding Your HI-B Application Status

Fundamentals of H1-B Visa If you have a postgraduate or an undergraduate degree from a recognized university, then you may consider the H1-B visa to work in the United States. If you have already applied, you may check your H1B lottery status by visiting TechFetch H1B. It is not a very complicated process, but you […]

Reasons For Receiving NOIR H1B & How to Respond to It

What is a NOIR H1B? NOIR stands for Notice Of Intent to Revoke. It is sent to an H1B applicant to inform them about the US government’s intent to revoke a previously approved request, petition, or application. Issued by the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), a NOIR is not the same as a […]

H-1B Visa Update: Annual Cap of 65,000 is Met for FY 2023

USCIS Official Announcement - No Second Lottery for FY 2023 The USCIS received close to 483,927 registrations for the FY 2023. Ever since the registrations were closed, speculations have been rife if there would be a second lottery this year, similar to the FY 2022. USCIS has finally put an end to all these speculations. […]

Must-Know List of United States Immigration Forms

In this blog, you will find details about: US Immigration Forms DS-160 I-94 I-765 I-129F I-797 I-539 US Immigration Visas Finding a job in the US is a dream for millions of people worldwide. Besides that, there are hoards of tourists who visit the country every day. Everyone who enters the US requires a non-immigrant […]

All You Need to Know About Form I-129 Petition

This article covers the following topics: Purpose of Form I-129 Eligibility for Form I-129 Steps to fill Form I-129 An Introduction to USCIS I 129 & Its Purpose Form I-129 is an official document that must be filled in and submitted to the USCIS to sponsor non-immigrant foreign employees for temporary jobs in the USA. […]

Your Detailed Guide to Form DS-160

In this blog, you will find the following details: What is DS-160? How to fill DS 160 online? Documents and Guidelines for DS-160 Form DS 160 Form: an Overview Form DS-160 is an electronic version of the application form that must be filled out by every foreigner wishing to obtain a non-immigrant visa to work […]

Form I-797: Explored & Explained

In this article, you will find the following topics: An overview of Form I-797 Forms I-797 A, B, C, D, E, F What to do if you lose Form I-797? Form I-797: An Overview Firstly, what is Form I-797? It is a document issued by the USCIS to communicate with applicants regarding their visa petition. […]

A Comprehensive Report About H1B I-94

In this article, you will learn about the following topics: What is H1B I-94? Who requires an I-94 record? Form I-94 benefits and details Before you start reading in detail about the form I-94, you can checkout what the H1B visa process is. What is H1B Form I-94? The US Department of State tracks your […]

H1B Address Change: What to Do & How to Do It

This blog explains the following topics: Why & how you should notify the USCIS of the change of address. Options to notify the USCIS of change in address Implications of not notifying the USCIS of change of address. Relocation Plans: Why & How to notify the USCIS One of the basic USCIS rules for H1B […]

Concurrent H1B - Frequently Asked Questions

You should also spend some time getting familiar with the H1-B visa before moving on to the compilation of Concurrent H1B FAQs. In this article you will find: A compilation of FAQs on Concurrent H1B FAQs on Concurrent H1B 1. What is the process for Concurrent H-1B employment? When a foreign employee has a valid […]

Insightful Details About Country of Residence

In this blog, we have explained the following in detail: Country of Residence Country of Usual Residence Country of residence versus citizenship What is the Country of Residence for H1B? Some immigration terms can be confusing to understand. "Country of Residence" is one such term that confuses most foreigners arriving in the US. Many foreign […]

How to Apply for Concurrent H1B USCIS

You will find the following topics in this blog: Concurrent H1B- An Introduction Requirements for Concurrent H1B How to file a Concurrent H1B? Concurrent H1B stamping, extension, and transfer An Introduction to the Concurrent H1B Visa One of the biggest advantages of an H1B visa is that it allows be employed under several employers as […]

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