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A Guide to H1B Amendment After Material Changes

In this blog, we have explored the following topics: What is H1B Amendment? When is H1B Amendment required? How to file amendment petitions after the material change? Before we understand about H1B amendment related to material changes, it is helpful to go through and understand what H1B amendment is. An Overview of the H1B Visa […]

The Complete Guide to H1B Visa Amendments

In this article, we have explained the following topics: What is the H1B Amendment? Circumstances when H1B Amendment is required Circumstances when H1B amendment is not required How to amend an H1B visa? Implications of not filing amendment on time Also important along with all of this is to understand the process that is involved […]

The Beginner's Handbook on H1B Amendment for Location Change

You will find information about the following points in this guide: Policy interpretations of Location Change H1B Amendment procedures for various situations What to do in case of an H1B Amendment denial Before getting into the details of H1B amendment due to location change, it is important to know what is H1B amendment. As an […]

What is the H1B Visa Amendment Process?

This blog contains the following information: What is H1B Amendment? Situations that do not require an H1B visa Amendment How to file an H1B Amendment? Cost and processing time A Quick Intro to the H1B Visa Amendment The H1B visa is one of the most popular non-immigrant visas issued by the United States Citizenship and […]

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