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Understanding Your HI-B Application Status
September 26, 2022
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Fundamentals of H1-B Visa

If you have a postgraduate or an undergraduate degree from a recognized university, then you may consider the H1-B visa to work in the United States. If you have already applied, you may check your H1B lottery status by visiting TechFetch H1B. It is not a very complicated process, but you must obtain accurate and useful information. Please note that the H1B lottery status check is essential for you to find out whether your application will get accepted or rejected.

While you read this, we recommend you to go through how does h1b lottery work to get an overall idea of the h1b lottery process.

It is a 3-year visa that enables people to stay and be employed in the United States. Employer companies should consent to sponsor your application in order to allow you to petition for this visa. Usually, H-1B candidates are required to present documentation of their academic qualifications to USCIS.

They might be required to demonstrate they have the relevant skills to perform the work they are being given in the United States. Upon being authorized for the first 3-years, the H-1B visa can be extended for another three years. Following six years, the H-1B holder has the option of returning to their country of residence or apply for a Green Card.

Lottery for the H1-B Visa

The total number of foreign nationals who can acquire an H-1B visa in a particular year is limited by the US federal govt. The limit, or "cap," for a new financial year is set by the United States Congress.

In most circumstances, the number of applicants exceeds the quota. The USCIS employs a randomized lottery to decide who's eligible to apply for the H-1B visa. Lottery picks are done randomly and aren't influenced by the time of filing the application. Further, the merits of the application are not evaluated at this stage.

After the 65,000 H1B quota is reached, 20,000 applications from the Master's degree cap will be chosen randomly. Any member of the 20,000 who is not chosen will then be returned to the regular quota. Accepted applicants are informed and requested to present their complete
H-1B application within 90 days after notice has been sent out.

How To Check If You Are Selected in the Lottery?

There are several ways to check if you were selected in the H1B lottery.

  • Examine SEVIS
  • Check if your fee deposit is processed by USCIS
  • Locate receipt number
  • Examine Form I-797

For more details on the H1B Lottery click here.

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Crucial Information About Lottery Status

If you view your application online, the below-mentioned stages associated with your case may be visible. They are as follows:

SUBMITTED - This just indicates that you have correctly filed your application. The status may remain "submitted" till the end of the financial year. It neither indicates that you’ve been selected nor does it indicate denial of the petition.

SELECTED - This implies that your petition has been selected in the 2022 H1B lottery. Sponsors may submit an I-129 application after April 1, 2022. Applicants may be assigned various submission deadlines. The submission date will be indicated on the notification by USCIS.

NOT SELECTED - This indicates that USCIS didn't accept your application. All applications that have not been denied will show "Selected" or "Submitted" till the conclusion of the financial year.

DENIED - This occurs when a sponsor submits multiple registrations for an applicant. In this instance, USCIS will reject all applications for that particular applicant.

Keep in mind that after March 18, 2022, all applications will be marked "submitted." A few will shift to "Selected," "Denied," or "Submitted" in March. If USCIS has to raise the number of applications for either quota throughout the financial year, it will choose from the "submitted" pool. The leftover "submitted" applications will be changed to "not selected" following October 1, 2022.

The course of Action Upon H1-B Denial

If your application has been rejected by the United States Citizenship & Immigration Services, your application status will appear as 'not selected.' In this situation, you will have to re-apply in the following year. Alternatively, you can seek other options for your career. However, you must keep in mind that unless there is a change in your application status, you should not consider your application to be rejected.

**Disclaimer: US immigration laws are subject to change. Please refer to the official USCIS website for the latest updates.

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