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The H1B1 Visa: A Comprehensive Analysis

In this article, you will learn more about the following: What is the H1B1 visa and its requirements H1B1 Application process and duration Change of Status to H1B1 To get more details on the H1B1 you can go through a comprehensive guide on the H1B1 as a whole. A Short Intro to the H1B1 Visa […]

The All-inclusive H1B1 Information Booklet

In this article you will read about: Requirements for H1B1 visa H1B1 renewal and extension processes Process of H1B1 transfer Non-immigrants have many visa options to live and work in the US temporarily. The H1 visa is one of them. It allows foreign workers with specialized qualifications, or training to work in specialty occupation roles […]

A Comprehensive Overview of the H1B1 Visa

You will find information about the following points in this article: H1B1 overview Eligibility criteria for H1B1 application Benefits and limitations The H1B1 is similar to the H1B in many ways. The main point of difference between an H1B and H1B1 visa is that the H1B1 has a limited validity period, and the individual does […]

Complete Handbook of H1B1 Visa Application Process

In this article you will read about: An intro to the H1B1 visa Eligibility criteria for employees and employers H1B1 application process Highly skilled Singaporean and Chilean professionals have a quota set apart for them in the H1B draw. It is called the H-1B1 and is similar to other employment-based visas like the H1B. It […]

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