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H1B Transfer FAQs

This article explores the commonly asked questions regarding H1B transfer and other details related to the same H1B Transfer: What is it? The H1B transfer is a process that allows H1B holders to change their employers while their H1B visa is still valid. The H1B is a non-immigrant visa granted by the United States Citizenship […]

Your Comprehensive Guide to H1B Transfer

This article deals with the following points in detail: H1B transfer - definition and eligibility requirements H1B transfer - the process in detail FAQs answered As we get ready to explore the H-1B portability, we also recommend you to spend a little time to get familiarized with the H-1B visa. Defining H1B Portability or H1B […]

H1B Transfer Status & How it Affects your H1B Transfer

Our blog explains the following topics under H1B Transfer: H1B Transfer and basic requirements H1B Transfer Status check Reasons for H1B Transfer Denial H1B Denial Versus H1B Rejection Basic Requirements Needed for an H1B Transfer If you are an H1B holder, you ought to know about the H1B Transfer, which allows you to change your […]

Documents Needed for H1B Transfer & the Application Process

In this blog, we have explained in detail the following topics related to H1B Transfer: H1B Transfer requirements. Document checklist for H1B Transfer. How to apply for the process. Why & When Will You Need an H1B Transfer? "Is it possible to transfer my H1B visa to another company?" This is one of the most […]

H1B Visa Transfer Premium Processing: A Brief Explanation

In this article, we have discussed: H1B Transfer Premium Processing. H1B Transfer Premium Processing requirements. How to file a request, processing time, & processing fee. One of the biggest reasons for the H1B visa being so popular is that it allows H1B holders to change their jobs any number of times as long as the […]

The H1B Visa Transfer Process: An In-Depth Explanation

This article explains the following articles in detail: The H1B transfer process steps Processing time for H1B transfer Premium Processing for H1B Transfer What is the Purpose of an H1B Transfer? Are you an H1B visa holder working for a US-based employer? If so, did you know that all H1B holders can get their visa […]

AC21 Portability Rule & its Role in H1B Extension

In this article about the AC21 Portability rule, you will learn about: The AC21 rule The eligibility requirements for H1B portability H1B portability advantages and disadvantages Before understanding the AC21 Portability rules, it is necessary to know a bit about what happens to the H1B visa at the end of 6 years. How does that […]

H1B Transfer: The Requirements & Documents Needed

In this article, you will learn about: Qualifications for H1B Transfer H1B Transfer Requirements H1B Transfer Documents Many may be confused between H1B transfer and H1B extension. Are they the same? Its good to get a clear understanding of the difference between H1B transfer and extension first. What is an H1B Transfer & What are […]

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