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When your H1B Visa is Rejected - Next Steps

In this article, you will learn about: What constitutes an H1B Visa rejection? Understanding reasons for H1B Visa rejection? Steps to take after H1B Visa rejection? According to US law, H1B visa applicants are generally required to attend an interview with a consular officer at a US Embassy or consulate office. Once they have reviewed […]

Understanding H1B Visa Rejection Reasons

In this article, you will read about: What H1B visa rejection or denial involves The most common reasons an H1B petition is rejected or denied Factors that may render you ineligible for an H1B visa The H1B Visa is a non-immigrant workers visa designed to fulfill specialty occupations that cannot be fulfilled from within the […]

All You Need to Know About H1B Rejection and Denial

Here's a gist of what you can take away from this article: H1B denial: An overview When or why you may get a denial What to do in case of an H1B visa denial The H1B visa is a non-immigrant visa awarded to foreign nationals who qualify for specialty occupations in the U.S. There is […]

How to Check Your H1B Visa Status Online

In this article, you will find details related to: How to check your H1B visa status How to check H1B status online Interpreting H1B status A visa is your ticket into any country other than your homeland. If you want to visit the US, you need a US visa. Everyone who applies for their US […]

A Step By Step Guide for H1B Passport Tracking

This article discusses all the important information related to: H1B visa status tracker messages How to know if your passport is ready List of documents required for H1B visa The H1B visa is the golden ticket for foreigners who wish to work in the United States. Every foreigner must specifically work in a field where […]

A Detailed Guide To H1B Case Status

This article will provide you with detailed insight about: Ways to check H1B case status H1B case status meanings Approval, denial, & delay of H1B visa Before reading about the H-1B case status, you may also familiarize yourself about the H-1B petition process. H1B Case Status- All the Information You Need An H1B visa is […]

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