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Know the Reasons for STEM OPT RFE

In this blog, you will find the following topics: What are OPT and OPT Extension? Reasons for OPT RFE Responding to OPT RFE Are you frustrated about receiving an OPT RFE from the USCIS after undergoing all hardships of submitting Form I-765 application and hoping for a positive reply? The USCIS does not issue an […]

How to respond to an H1B Transfer RFE?

In this article, you will find the following topics: H1B Transfer Types of H1B RFE Guidelines to avoid receiving an H1B RFE How to respond to a H1B Transfer RFE We recommend you spend some time becoming familiar with the H-1B visa before we learn how to respond to an H1B transfer RFE. Did you […]

Answering Frequently Asked Questions About H1B RFE

In this article, you will find answers to FAQs about: Basic info on H1B RFEs Best practices in responding to an H1B RFE H1B specialty occupation RFE Before you start reading the FAQs on RFEs, first check out the complete guide on Request for Evidence. Answering Basic FAQs About H1B Request for Evidence 1. What […]

A Quick Look at the USCIS RFE Premium Processing

In this blog, we have explained the following in detail: What are Premium Processing and RFE? RFE Premium Processing timeline and fees Steps to follow in RFE Premium Processing Before getting into the details of RFE premium processing, it is necessary to understand what is H1B RFE. Everyone who applies for a US visa knows […]

11 Common H1B RFE Reasons to be Aware Of

You will find the following information in this blog: H1B RFE Rates Common reasons for an RFE How to respond to an RFE? Before going into the reasons for RFE in H1B, it is imperative to take a look at what is RFE H1B in depth. Are you one of those H1B applicants eagerly awaiting […]

A Brief Outlook on the H1B Extension Request for Evidence

In this article, you will learn about: H1B Extension RFE AC 21 and the 6-year limit H1B Extension DUI RFE Before getting into the details of AC21 and H1B extension RFE, it is important to go in-depth to understand what is meant by  RFE in H1B. An Introduction to H1B Extension RFE When US visa applicants […]

An In-depth Guide to RFE H1B

In this blog, we have discussed the following topics: Meaning of H1B RFE Reasons for H1B RFE Types of RFEs What to do after receiving an RFE? Besides knowing the meaning and types, it is interesting to take a look at the top 11 reasons for RFE. What Does an H1B RFE Mean? The USCIS, […]

All You Need to Know About the H1B Request For Evidence

In this article, you will read about: An overview of H1B RFE Guide to RFE responses Important things to remember Besides general information on H1B RFE, you may be interested in an in-depth guide on H1B RFE, including, reasons, types and how to go about an H1B RFE. The USCIS response to H1B applications commonly […]

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