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Labor Condition Application: The Complete Details

In this blog, we have discussed the following topics related to LCA: What is the LCA and its purpose? What is the LCA Form? Attestations for filing an LCA Steps to filing an LCA What is LCA & Why do you Need it? The LCA or the Labor Condition Application is the first step in […]

All About Your LCA Case Number

This blog contains details about the following topics: Labor Condition Application LCA Case Numbers LCA Case number format Labor Condition Application: An Intro Your employer might have provided you with a copy of the H1B LCA if you applied for an H1B visa for 2022. Among the details provided in the LCA are your wage […]

LCA for H1B Visa & its Requirements

n this article, you will learn about: H1B LCA LCA Requirements Employer requirements for LCA Before you read further to know about the LCA requirements, do check the complete details of Labor Condition Application. What is an LCA? LCA stands for Labor Condition Application, a crucial prerequisite for H1B approval. If you want to submit […]

LCA for H1B Visa - Stay on Top of The Facts!

In this article, we discuss the following three points: A brief introduction to the LCA The need for LCA Type of visas that require LCA and the regulations involved The LCA - A Brief Introduction The Labor Condition Application (LCA) is one of the first prerequisites to fulfill when an employer wishes to hire foreign […]

A Brief Overview of LCA Requirements & Fees

In this article, you will learn about: H1B LCA Fees for LCA HIB LCA: What is it? An H-1B visa allows employers to temporarily hire foreign workers in specialty occupations that American employees cannot otherwise hold. To work in the US on an H1B visa, you need to file a Labor Condition Application (LCA) with […]

An Easy Guide for Filing H1B Labor Condition Application (LCA)

In this blog, we have discussed the following topics under H1B LCA: Purpose of an LCA What an LCA contains How to apply for LCA Before heading into the details of the purpose of LCA and steps to apply, it is important to understand what is LCA and the fees for it. Labor Condition Application: […]

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