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Concurrent H1B - Frequently Asked Questions

You should also spend some time getting familiar with the H1-B visa before moving on to the compilation of Concurrent H1B FAQs. In this article you will find: A compilation of FAQs on Concurrent H1B FAQs on Concurrent H1B 1. What is the process for Concurrent H-1B employment? When a foreign employee has a valid […]

How to Apply for Concurrent H1B USCIS

You will find the following topics in this blog: Concurrent H1B- An Introduction Requirements for Concurrent H1B How to file a Concurrent H1B? Concurrent H1B stamping, extension, and transfer An Introduction to the Concurrent H1B Visa One of the biggest advantages of an H1B visa is that it allows be employed under several employers as […]

The All-inclusive Guide to Concurrent H1B

In this article you will read about: Benefits of Concurrent H1B visa Provisions and requirements for concurrent H1B Steps to follow to apply for concurrent H1B Concurrent H1B is a visa category available to qualified US H1B holders who wish to be engaged in one or more H1B jobs besides their original H1B employment. If […]

The Concurrent H1B Fact Book

In this article you will read about: Basics about concurrent H1B Concurrent H1B process Concurrent H1B risks and advantages An H1B foreign employee has the freedom to be employed by multiple employers simultaneously, as long as the additional employers are willing to file a petition for concurrent H1B. The process of filing for a concurrent […]

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