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Understanding Your HI-B Application Status

Fundamentals of H1-B Visa If you have a postgraduate or an undergraduate degree from a recognized university, then you may consider the H1-B visa to work in the United States. If you have already applied, you may check your H1B lottery status by visiting TechFetch H1B. It is not a very complicated process, but you […]

Reasons For Receiving NOIR H1B & How to Respond to It

What is a NOIR H1B? NOIR stands for Notice Of Intent to Revoke. It is sent to an H1B applicant to inform them about the US government’s intent to revoke a previously approved request, petition, or application. Issued by the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), a NOIR is not the same as a […]

H-1B Visa Update: Annual Cap of 65,000 is Met for FY 2023

USCIS Official Announcement - No Second Lottery for FY 2023 The USCIS received close to 483,927 registrations for the FY 2023. Ever since the registrations were closed, speculations have been rife if there would be a second lottery this year, similar to the FY 2022. USCIS has finally put an end to all these speculations. […]

Must-Know List of United States Immigration Forms

In this blog, you will find details about: US Immigration Forms DS-160 I-94 I-765 I-129F I-797 I-539 US Immigration Visas Finding a job in the US is a dream for millions of people worldwide. Besides that, there are hoards of tourists who visit the country every day. Everyone who enters the US requires a non-immigrant […]

All You Need to Know About Form I-129 Petition

This article covers the following topics: Purpose of Form I-129 Eligibility for Form I-129 Steps to fill Form I-129 An Introduction to USCIS I 129 & Its Purpose Form I-129 is an official document that must be filled in and submitted to the USCIS to sponsor non-immigrant foreign employees for temporary jobs in the USA. […]

Your Detailed Guide to Form DS-160

In this blog, you will find the following details: What is DS-160? How to fill DS 160 online? Documents and Guidelines for DS-160 Form DS 160 Form: an Overview Form DS-160 is an electronic version of the application form that must be filled out by every foreigner wishing to obtain a non-immigrant visa to work […]

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